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Tracee is an actress, model, and stuntwoman most known for her various roles on the hit television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager.


She is best known for her portrayal of a fan-favorite, Lieutenant Jae, a featured background character over four seasons of The Next Generation. Her beloved Starfleet officer character also appeared in three Next Generation feature films: Generations, First Contact and Insurrection. Tracee also worked as stand-in for Alice Krige (the Borg Queen) in First Contact.  In The Next Generation episode “Descent,” Tracee played a Borg drone damaged by the villain Lore’s experimentation. In Deep Space Nine, she portrayed some of the most exotic aliens such as an Antican, Borg, Borg Drone, and Kobheerian.

Tracee with fans at Star Trek Las Vegas 2015

Tracee with fans at Star Trek Las Vegas 2015

Tracee also participated in the filming of the interactive movie-game, Star Trek: Borg; she is most notably seen as a Starfleet science officer visible on the corridor aboard the USS Cheyenne at the start of the movie. She also appeared as an alien bar character in the 1996 hit video game Star Trek: Klingon.

In the early 1990’s, Tracee was part of the group of background regulars who made a promotional tour for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, appearing as a Ferengi.


Tracee as Lieutenant Jae in Star Trek: Generations

Tracee as Lieutenant Jae in Star Trek: Generations

While best known for her work on Star Trek, Tracee appeared in many cult television and film productions. She played Marla in the daily soap General Hospital and as a featured lifeguard in several episodes of Baywatch.

Ranging from drama to action to science fiction she has appeared in the movies: Gross Anatomy, Demolition Man, Barb Wire, Virtuosity, and the action comedy Bulletproof. Following her background work in Demolition Man, Tracee was cast as the lead computer voice in the Demolition Man pinball game in 1994 and the 1995 video game Angel Devoid: Face of the Enemy.


Tracee was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and moved to California with her family at the age of 2. She grew up in Santa Ana, California and graduated from Santa Ana High School in 1979. Over the years, Tracee started working as a model and was featured as a model for Alberto Mousse in several magazines. She also worked as a model for Revlon, Jimmy Z Ad, Pool & Spa Magazine, 7-Up, Auto Stereo Sound magazine and McDonald’s. Tracee continues to appear as a featured guest throughout the world and remains in high demand throughout the convention circuit worldwide.


To My Fans

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My name is: Tracee Cocco. I was born in Allentown Pennsylvania. We moved out to California when I was 2 years old. I grew up in Santa Ana, California & went to Santa Ana High School. After I graduated in 1979 I took a few years off and worked. I also dabbled in some college courses, such as Paralegal & Sports training classes.

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